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It’s the Clanwilliam Way

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Why Clanwilliam? —

We encourage a culture of respect, responsibility, and reward at Clanwilliam

We encourage a culture of respect, responsibility, and reward at Clanwilliam.  In our brands, offices and teams across the world, we promote a culture of development and professional opportunities, ensuring Clanwilliam is a supportive, nurturing and enjoyable place to come to work.

Underpinning this are our global Clanwilliam values that are at the very core of how we seek to operate. Our Company values shape the identity of our organisation, and also guide and inspire all our People. We empower our leaders and teams to embrace our ethos and our values, uniting us on our journey to improve healthcare for everyone.

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The Clanwilliam Way: What we value

We are transparent, open and honest.

In all of our engagements, we believe in the power of trust and transparency. It is our strong ethos of openness, trust, honesty and legal compliance that builds the foundation of each and every relationship we form, right from the beginning.

We have an amazing team spread across three continents. We encourage transparency, openness and honesty to build a truly creative, safe and innovative environment.

Our People

We passionately believe in Equality of Opportunity.

In every corner of the Clanwilliam, we strive to be a meritocracy, where equality of opportunity is paramount.

We are proud to have a diverse, inclusive community of highly skilled, hardworking and dedicated teams. We strive to create environments and encourage behaviour where success is derived from merit and hard work.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

We value profitability and growth.

Profitability is important because profitability fuels investment and long term sustainability. All of the brands within our group are hugely successful, with strong recurring revenue streams achieving consistent financial performance year on year.

We expect our leaders and teams to have full accountability for their earnings, KPI’s and key business metrics with a core focus on long term business strategy and organic growth.

We embrace change.

Embarking on our mission of connected health means we must thrive in an environment of continuous change, constantly welcoming new products, new places and people into the business. We embrace change and we encourage others to embrace it too.

Constant change pushes us outside of our comfort zone, bringing a wealth of new challenges and opportunities. Change is good, it makes us stronger. Change helps us grow and highlights our ability to excel, even in the most challenging times.

We are proud to serve our customers.

Our company mission is to improve healthcare for everyone. We can only do this by serving the clinicians and doctors that use our products and services every day. We are proud to serve our customers, supporting them in looking after and caring for the population they serve.

Around the world and across the continents in which we operate, over 1.5 million clinical professionals use our technology in supporting their patients and we are very proud of the role we play in supporting them.

Our Brands